Med Gadget Review: Glucomix

Glucose homoeostasis is amongst most important issues to be addressed in both PICU and NICU. Both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia occur in ICUs and has been strongly associated with increased morbidity and mortality rates in children.

Glycemic control was shown to reduce morbidity and mortality rates. The frequent changes in sugars value of kids mandate change of glucose content in IVF and modify Glucose infusion rate of fluids repeatedly. These can be done by using pre manufactured solution containing dextrose with various percentage but the desired glucose percent may not be available to target specific GIR everywhere.

Manually calculating the quantity of two fluid with different dextrose percent to be mixed to get desired dextrose percent may at times not practical in busy schedule of ICU.

Medical Gadget: Glucomix
Glucomix is a simple free android application which helps to calculate ammount of two fluids to be mixed to obtain desired dextrose concentration for target GIR.
The interface is very simple. Initially we have to put desired concentration, Highest and lowest concentration of available fluids and then desired amount of fluid for example 100 ml for neonates and 500 ml for pediatric patients. Glucomix calculates the desired amount of fluids to be mixed at the snap of finger.

Final words:
Free, simple yet useful android app to mix and make desired dextrose concentration of the fluid.
PS: It occupies a very tiny space.